Mission Statement


The Miss Global Beauty organization fosters the ideals of personal growth and development in young women as well as promoting opportunities towards the enhancement of their potentials, talents and ideals. The vision of the organization is to uplift the position of women in the world. Women have tremendous potentialities for leadership and purposeful destinies. We afford them the opportunities for social bonding and leadership expressions.

Global Message from Founder 2016

I founded this organization with the vision of creating an international forum where young women are presented in the world as leaders with dynamic ideas and sound values vital and important in a fast changing world. Their role in society is fundamental and central in the formation of individuals, families, communities and nations.

We are aware of the amazing growth and development in technology and how proximate we are in the virtual world of social network. Communications is instant and real time bringing the global community closer and bonded in every corner of the world. Along with these instant and on demand needs we experience the chaos created by overwhelming conveniences as well the scarcity of it in other nations. This is our reality and our world of power and chaos needs to create balance.

Our young women today are harbingers for that much needed balance in our world. They are the millennial generation defined by their civic – minded and a sense of community both global and international. Their values have grown into giving-sharing and learning. These are the young women we present this year and every year. They are endowed with the desire to make a difference in this world with their goals and aspirations as contributors in the human family in a global nation.

Our organization celebrates each year with gratitude for the great opportunities that we have extended to our young women. We are here to encourage, support and assist them in their quest for the manifestations of their ideals and goals.

Thank you and good luck to all our candidates.

Leticia Bulotano Wheeler.